APSCE Fellows 2023: Call for Nominations (Due: 16 October 2023)

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APSCE Fellows 2023: Call for Nominations (Due: 16 October 2023)

Dear APSCE Members,

The Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE) Fellows Program is established in 2019 to honour outstanding APSCE members in the field of computers in education.

The APSCE Fellow Committee 2023 is seeking nominations for new APSCE Fellows. The nomination deadline is 16 October 2023 (Monday). Please refer to the APSCE Fellows Program Guidelines in preparation of your nomination, and submit the nomination form to [email protected] (Email title: “APSCE Fellow Nomination (2023)”). Both documents are downloadable here:

APSCE Fellows Program guidelines: APSCE-Fellows-Program-Guidelines.pdf

APSCE Fellow Nomination Form (2023): APSCE-Fellow-nomination-form.docx

Please note that both the nominee and the nominator must be current APSCE members. Interested nominators may enquire about the membership statuses of their prospective nominees with [email protected] before submitting their nominations, if necessary.

Nominators are responsible for ensuring that their submissions are complete. We would also ask nominators to keep the nominations confidential until the final decision of the APSCE Fellow Committee is communicated.

APSCE Fellow Selection Committee 2023
Chair: Tanja MITROVIC (APSCE Fellow)


Gautam BISWAS, Tak-Wai CHAN, H. Ulrich HOPPE, Siu-Cheung KONG, Chee-Kit LOOI, Riichiro MIZOGUCHI (APSCE Fellows, in alphabetical order)