Chee-Kit Looi

Chee-Kit Looi
Nanyang Technological University

Chee-Kit Looi is Professor of Education at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. He was the Founding Head of the Learning Sciences Lab, the first research centre devoted to the study of the sciences of learning in the Asia-Pacific region. He is also co-Director of the Centre of Research and Development in Learning, NTU. He organized ICCE 1995 and ICCE 2005 in Singapore, and served as President of APSCE from 1997 to 2011. He is a founding member of the Global Chinese Society of Computers in Education and served as its past president.

Chee-Kit’s research in education is characterized by producing outcomes, processes or artifacts that impact practice. An early completed project involved the design of digital mathematics manipulatives which have been made available to all secondary schools in Singapore. He is the PI or co-PI of several research projects funded by the National Research Foundation, Singapore.  His research work on creating routine practices of rapid collaborative learning using GroupScribbles has made significant inroads into transforming school practices in several primary and secondary schools. His research on seamless and mobile learning has made good progress toward creating a model of 1:1 computing in schools, remarkable in terms of achieving sustainability and scalability in ten over schools.

Chee-Kit was an associate editor for the JLS, and an editorial member of JCAL, ijCSCL, and IJAIED. He was a member of the Core Expert Group that developed the framework for assessing Collaborative Problem Solving in OECD PISA 2015.

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