Antonija Mitrovic

Antonija Mitrovic
University of Canterbury
New Zealand

Dr Antonija (Tanja) Mitrovic is a full professor at the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. She is the leader of ICTG (Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group). Dr Mitrovic received her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Nis, Yugoslavia, in 1994. She is an associate editor of the following journals: Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning (RPTEL), International Journal on Artificial Intelligence in Education (IJAIED) and Journal of Universal Computer Science (JUCS). She is a Distinguished member of ACM, and senior member of AAAI and IEEE. She was awarded the Distinguished Researcher Award in 2011 by APSCE.  

Dr Mitrovic’s primary research interests are in student modeling. ICTG has developed a number of constraint-based intelligent tutoring systems in a variety of domains, which have been thoroughly evaluated in real classrooms, and proven to be highly effective. These systems provide adaptive support for acquiring both problem-solving skills and meta-cognitive skills. Although most of the ITSs developed by ICTG support students learning individually in areas such as database querying (SQL-Tutor), database design (EER-Tutor and ERM-Tutor), data normalization (NORMIT), there are also constraint-based tutors for object-oriented software design and collaborative skills, various engineering topics (thermodynamics, mechanics), training to interpret medical images and language-learning. ICTG has also developed ASPIRE, a full authoring and deployment environment for constraint-based tutors. Her recent research focuses on AI-based support for active learning from videos.

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