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The Special Interest Group (SIG) on AIED (Artificial Intelligence in Education) / ITS (Intelligent Tutoring Systems)/AL (Adaptive Learning), which is supported the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE), aims to provide an international platform for researchers to share interests and ideas in AIED/ITS/AL. The current main mission is to organize the theme-based sub-conference and workshops in ICCE (International Conference on Computers in Education). 

The Special Interest Group in AI in Education is one of the SIGs set up by the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education.
We are inviting you to be part of the SIGN and join our Community Building session. The CB session of SIGs is part of the annual International Conference on Computers in Education (https://icce2022.apsce.net/).
Please find the details below for the SIG CB Session:
- A brief introduction about the SIG
- A talk by Prof. Ryan Baker (https://www.gse.upenn.edu/academics/faculty-directory/baker) on MOOC Replication Framework (MORF) including:
* a high-level discussion of data resources available for research
* a high-level summary of the MORF platform's goals
* a review of how MORF has been used
* technical capabilities needed to use MORF
* a demo of MORF
* how to get involved in using MORF for research