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2020 Members

Number of APSCE Members

First name Last name Personal Homepage Institution Country / Region
Yuen-Hsien Tseng View National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan
Raiya Yamamoto View Sanyo-Onoda City University Japan
Yasuhiro Noguchi View Shizuoka University Japan
Kun-Hung Cheng View National Chung Hsing University Taiwan
Yugo Hayashi View Ritsumeikan University Japan
Jing Li HONG View Chang Jung Christian University Taiwan
Rita Kuo View New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology United States
Andrea Valente View University of Southern Denmark (SDU) Denmark
Kaoru Sumi View Future University Hakodate Japan
Xibei XIONG View Guangxi Normal University China
Qin Xiaomei View Shaanxi Normal University China
Apiraporn Thumtathong View Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University Nongkahi Campus Thailand
Lin LUAN View Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China
JOSEPHINE de la Cuesta View Asia Pacific College Philippines
Xiaoqing Gu East China Normal University China
Ju-Ling Shih National University of Tainan Taiwan
Pham Tho Hung Vuong University Vietnam
Bo Jiang East China Normal University China
Nur Aira Abdrahim View Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia
Eunice Sari View UX Indonesia Australia

2020 Student Members

(Members who have agreed to have their names listed on the society web page)

First name Last name Personal Homepage Institution Country / Region