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(The message was delivered on 1 January, 2018.)

Dear APSCE Members,

As I begin my incumbency on the New Year’s Day as the 11th President of APSCE, I write to wish you all much happiness and success in the new year. I am immensely honoured and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve for APSCE, the community that I feel deeply attached to.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my predecessor, Prof. Su Luan Wong, for her leadership and selfless dedication during her presidential tenure, and her guidance to me in my preparation to take up this crucial role.

I would also like to make a special tribute to the recently installed Honorary Executive Committee (EC) Members, Prof. Tak-Wai Chan, Prof. Riichiro Mizoguchi and and Prof. Chee-Kit Looi. Their wisdom and experiences in running our Society are no doubt our most valuable asset which we shall continue to tap on.

We have just celebrated the 25th edition of International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE) while our history can in fact be traced back to the first ICCE in 1989 – which means that we will turn 30 next year. The rapidly evolving landscape of our field is however posing both challenges and opportunities to us. We need to sustain and elevate the prestige and influence of our Society (and ICCEs, the Research and Practice in Technology-Enhanced Learning (RPTEL) journal, and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs)), to ensure that our organization and community remain relevant to the academic field at large, and to safeguard the integrity and rigour in our operations and our ways of promoting and celebrating academic excellence.

To meet the aforementioned aims, in the next two years, I am committed to working on the following inter-related areas,

·-   - Improvement of the operations and the processes of EC, subcommittees, SIGs, and ICCEs

·   - Provision of strategic support to SIGs in community building during and beyond ICCEs

·   - Nurture of young and genuinely committed leaders, as well as active participation from under-represented countries, within our community

·   - Rejuvenation of RPTEL as a preferred journal for publications in order to strengthen its position for being indexed by leading databases

I am looking forward to your gracious support to achieve our common goal of bringing APSCE to a greater height!

Lung-Hsiang Wong

APSCE President (2018-2019)